Philosophy Major

The philosophy major is a classical liberal arts degree that introduces students to the breadth of human thought through history, classical and contemporary approaches to life's perennial questions, and the essential tools for human reasoning.

It can be easily added to another major or taken as a stand-alone major. It is also an excellent major for students who desire further education through graduate studies in philosophy, ethics, or law.

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy

This major is for students who want to be seriously involved in philosophic study either as a primary discipline or as foundational work for related studies. Graduates will be prepared for, and able to pursue, graduate work in philosophy, ethics, religion, law, and related fields.

Joseph Bankard

30 credits of which 24 shall be numbered above 2999

PHIL2010. Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)
PHIL2020. Ethics (3 credits)
PHIL3010. History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3 credits)
PHIL3020. History of Modern Philosophy (3 credits)
PHIL3060. Critical Reasoning (2 credits)
PHIL3070. Formal Logic (2 credits)
PHIL4210. Contemporary Philosophy (3 credits)
PHIL4980. Seminar in Philosophy (3 credits)
Elective upper level philosophy credits (8 credits)

Completion of the intermediate level of a foreign language.